How to set up your Google My Business listing:

This tutorial is made by 411 Locals to support our clients and their onboarding process with our service. It doesn’t replace or exhaust the setup and management recommendations published on the official Google My Business website.

Go to Google maps app

In your Google Maps app, at the top right, tap your profile photo or initialAccount Circle and then Add Your Business

Login to Google

If you already have an existing Google account, please login using your credentials. If not, please click on “Add another account” and then “Create Account”. Enter the necessary information needed to set up the account.

Step 1.

Go to Google My Business

If you have the same name as another business in your region, you’ll see the autocomplete function suggest those businesses for you. This is to allow you to see if your business listing already exists (to avoid accidental duplication), and to add a new Google My Business profile to an existing business if you’ve just opened a new location.

Step 2.

Choose your business category

Step 3.

Indicate if you want your business address to be visible on Google Maps


Step 4.

If you have indicated “Yes”, enter the address of the business location. If you have indicated “No”, move to “Step 7

Step 5.

Specify service areas – indicate whether you serve customers outside of your address or not. If you do, please enter the areas served


Step 6.

What region is your business based in

If this question comes up, confirm that the field is showing “United States”.

Step 7.

Fill out the contact details

Add your phone number. As your marketing partners, we will add the website when it is ready.

Step 8.

Please enter your name and verify your postal address to receive the verification postcard and click on “Mail”


How to Verify your Google My Business listing

For new Google My Business profiles, there are three possible methods of verification:

Postcard Verification

This is the most-used verification process, and is available to all businesses. With this process, a verification postcard will be sent to the address you entered earlier (it should reach you within five days). Once received, you can enter the code in your Google My Business account to verify the business. If your code doesn’t show up, you can click the ‘Request another code’ banner at the top of the screen in Google My Business.

Phone Verification

Some businesses have the option to verify their listing over the phone. You’ll know you’re eligible if you see the ‘Verify by phone’ option at the beginning of the verification process. Using this process, you’ll receive an automated message with a verification code, that you’ll then need to enter into Google My Business.

Email Verification

Like phone verification, this is only available to some businesses, and you’ll know you qualify for it if you see the ‘Verify by email’ option. This simple process sees you receive a verification code in the inbox of the Google Account associated with the Google My Business listing and entering it at the verification stage. Be sure you have access to this inbox before proceeding with this option.

Postcard Verification

Google may give you a different option to verify your business but for most business owners, you’ll have to wait for a postcard to be mailed to you from Google with a verification code on it.


The final step is to verify your account using the code that appears on the postcard. The postcard will arrive in the mail at the address you enter for your business’s location. You should receive it within three to five days

What does Google My Business Verification Postcard look like?

This is what the Google My Business Verification Postcard looks like when it arrives in the mail:

You’ll need to remove the perforated edges on three sides to open the envelope/postcard.

Once you’ve received the postcard in the mail, take the verification code and enter it into your account.

To do so, log into your account. On your account’s home page, you should see a notification that reads “Pending Verification”. This notification gives you the option to enter the verification code on the postcard you receive. Simply follow the instructions. Select the option to enter the code. The following page will allow you to submit the code to successfully verify your account.


How to add 411 Locals as a co-owner of your listing

On your Google Listing Dashboard, Click on the “User” section in the left side panel if you’re using a computer. If you are using the Google My Business App, go to “More” then click on “Manage users”.

Click on “Add Users”.

Enter the unique Gmail Address provided to you via email or by the Marketing Specialist during your welcome call.

Select “Owner” from the dropdown menu below. Click “INVITE”. As co-owners you will retain ownership of your listing while 411Locals is working on to get you at the top of search results!

Want to get ahead? Get Google reviews

Did you know that 93% of customers use online reviews as a key factor when choosing a product or a service? To land more customers, make sure you are asking your customers to leave you a Google review every chance you can get.

Here, we share 4 foolproof tips to help you maximize the power of referrals.

1. Ask for referrals every chance you get
The easiest way to get more referrals is to start asking, whether via text or email.

2. Make the process seamless
Share a link? Forward a predetermined text? Let your customers refer you in just a few clicks.
3. Offer incentives
Give your customers a little boost to recommend you to their peers. It’s not a requirement, but it would help motivate them.
4. Send a thank you message
Nothing shows your appreciation better than a simple thank you note.

Contact us, if you need any further support